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The Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana (MERS) was created in 1955 to provide retirement benefits for the employees of the municipalities of the state. Management of the system was entrusted to a Board of Trustees.
The Board consists of eleven members: six (6) members elected by the members of the system, the President of the Louisiana Municipal Association, the chairman of the Senate Retirement Committee, the chairman of the House Retirement Committee, the Treasurer, and the Commissioner of Administration.

MERS is a voluntary system and any member municipality may withdraw its membership upon payment of its pro rata share of any unfunded accrued liability. MERS is a "statewide” system; therefore the state is not a guarantor of the benefits.

The system consists of two plans:

  • Plan A is a traditional defined benefit retirement plan
  • Plan B is a defined benefit plan integrated with Social Security



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